The only decent thing in the world: creation; and pinnacle of creation is the creation of one’s own.”

Leopold Staff.

The history of the brand dates back to 1987, when Małgorzata Babicz opened her first salon in her hometown-Kalwaria Zebrzydowska. To this day the company remains a family tradition. The international successes and many years of experience in the industry helped Małgorzata and her son Paweł to create a unique team of the best specialists in their field. The colourists , instructors and stylists also work today next to highest class of hairdressers for men and women under Babicz banner brand . Specialized in narrow fields of hairdressing craft she has built her expertise in every day work of company.
The Academy was established taking care of business development and continuing education aiming at hairdressers education as well as tracking and implementing of global trends in the domestic market. Thanks to determined specialization of the staff our customers always receive comprehensive and personalized service. The hairdressing assortment, tested and recommended by the Academy instructors and stylists is available in the online store. It is designed for professionals, amateurs as well as for customers. Believing that hairdressing is an art, we want to demonstrate our customers that haircut and styling are specific tools to find in a man his temperament and rich personality.

Our concepts

Stemple Babicz4
Hairdressing Academy. Dedicated to hairdressers.
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Online shop with hairdressing equipment, accessories and cosmetics.
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Hairdressing dedicated to women.
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Stemple Babicz
Hairdressing dedicated to men.
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Małgorzata Babicz

The driving force behind the philosophy is crossing hairdressing boundaries, which makes it for the endless path to self-realization and creativity. She is regarded as the leading Polish hairdressing stylist and instructor. As the only one in Poland she belongs to the elite international club Altenative Hair Show. Within this cooperation she has developed 3 alternatives shows projects of her own that have been presented at a Gala in Vienna and at the Grand Gala of Alternativ Hair Show in London. Except for her work in the salon, she is the Artistic Director of Wella studio and supports Sebastian Professional brand as its Ambassador.


Paweł Babicz

Paweł is co-owner of the brand.  He was the originator and co-author of the Academy collection o and alternative shows. Today, as a valued stylist and instructor is engaged in training for hairdressers from all around Poland.. Working every day with customers he appreciates their diversity and different needs. He believes that working with people extremely develops and motivates to continuous professional and personal development . Entering the followed path , he makes every effort not to give up before reaching the target. He has formed this important and nowadays valued feature in the sport that has always been his passion.

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