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We are a team of professionals who believe that hairdressing can be not only a craft but also an art of the highest level.

Daily work in the salon gives us the opportunity to constantly improve our hairdressing techniques, and our customers are the greatest inspiration for us. Due to our education at the Babicz Academy, we have excellent substantive and practical preparation

in the creation of hair styling tailored to the individual personal characteristics of each client. We are also a harmonious team that can share knowledge with each other, consult on key issues for the client, so that our diagnosis is always competent.

Hairdressing Salon in Krakow

Interior of the Salon

Malgorzata Babicz - Owner / Top Stylist in the Babicz Hairdressing Salon

Owner / Top Stylist

Malgorzata Babicz

Founder of the Babicz Salon. The driving force behind her philosophy is crossing the boundaries of hairdressing, which makes it an infinite way for her to self-fulfillment and creativity. She is considered a leading Polish stylist and hairdressing instructor. She is the only one in Poland with her son Paweł Babicz who belongs to the elite Alternativ Hair Show club. Apart from working in the salon, she is the Artistic Director of the Wella studio and the Ambassador of the Sebastian Professional brand.

She talks about her work:
"Working in the salon is a part of the hairdressing journey, where personalized creation of a client's image is a real challenge and a satisfied client is a great satisfaction.

We are talking about her:
"There is only one queen".


  • Women's Haircuts
  • Evening Styling
  • Colour Diagnoses
  • Consultation
Pawel Babicz - Co-owner / Top Stylist in the Babicz Hairdressing Salon

Co-owner / Top Stylist

Pawel Babicz

In the salon Babicz took his first steps in the full sense of the word. As a son of Małgorzata Babicz, from an early age he spent time in the salon, at hairdressing shows and photo sessions. His mother infected him with a passion for hairdressing and that is how he has been working in his profession for 12 years.

Being a hairdresser is a perfect combination of work, education and passion for him. He is most satisfied with his haircuts. Perfect cuts for women as well as experiencing a renaissance of male hairdressing are the main topics of his work in hairdressing. At the Babicz salon he created the Barber zone three years ago, where he feels like a fish in the water.

He is the only one in Poland to have won the prestigious Alternati Hair Show competition and thus belongs to the elite international club Alternatiw Hair Show.

Selected achievements:
First place in the International Visionary Award competition. Third place in the International Visionary Award
The Best Continental Academy Award competition

Apart from these successes, he has also had numerous shows, photo sessions and hairdressing trainings. He has also worked for La Mania, Robert Kupisz, Paprocki and Brzozowski, Louve with Love and recently had the pleasure of styling Anna Lewandowska.


  • Women's Haircuts
  • Men's Haircuts
  • Care
  • Consultation
Bartosz Stępien - Stylist in the Babicz Hairdressing Salon


Bartosz Stępien

Perfect, creative, dislikes schemes. He feels very comfortable with both women's and men's haircuts. The latter are for him a wonderful combination of taste and precision, a synthesis between proportion and accuracy.

He likes to surprise his clients with innovative styling. At the Academy, he conducts training courses. They are a great opportunity for him to work together creatively.


  • Women's Haircuts
  • Men's Haircuts
Krzysztof Faber - Stylist in the Babicz Hairdressing Salon


Krzysztof Faber

He has been involved in hairdressing for over 10 years, during which time he developed his own unique style. Without a doubt, this is not only his profession but also his passion.

While dealing with both male and female haircuts, Krzysztof focuses on originality and functionality of hairstyle. Each customer is approached individually, precisely selects the right color and cut.

Always smiling and full of positive energy, so that each visit to him is not only taking care of his image, but also a pleasant time spent.

Krzysztof frequently appeared as a stylist at fashion shows, photo sessions or metamorphoses organized by well-known magazines and magazines. He is also an excellent instructor, leading trainings at the Academy.


  • Women's Haircuts
  • Men's Haircuts
Anna Fucek - Stylist in the Babicz Hairdressing Salon


Anna Fucek

A graduate of the Babicz Academy. Ambitious frequenter of almost all trainings, thanks to which she quickly gained knowledge and gained experience. Since 2019, an assistant to Małgorzata Babicz, whose watchful eye supports Ania in realizing her dreams. Since childhood, she has been hiding her love for styling heads, now as a mature woman, she has entered a new path of self-development.

Full of precision, determination and energy. In addition to hairdressing, she explores knowledge in the field of trichology.

He has a Master Class certificate in colouring obtained during a training with Olaf Tabaczyński.

Beyond the hair: he immerses himself in magical realism and a good detective story.


  • Women's Haircuts
  • Colouring
  • Hair Care

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