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Hair Colouring - Hairdressing Training in the Babicz Academy

Hair Colouring

During these courses we will help you develop your creativity in the matters of colouring.

You will learn how to pick colour correctly as well as the usage of utility colouring techniques. We will present the importance of colour in creation of the entire look, as well as the connection between added depth and highlighting the haircut.

We believe, that mastering these key techniques will let you provide your clients with complex services. With the acquired knowledge you will be able to fully utilize the commercial opportunities provided by the skilful hair colouring.

Szkolenie - Colouring – level I
2 days

Colouring – level I

Color analysis / Shape analysis

Color analysis is a topic during which you will learn to determine the client's color type. This will allow you to perfectly choose the range of colors for coloring. The analysis will show you the dangers of natural pigmentation and teach you how to avoid them. During the shape analysis topic, you will learn methods of correcting face shape imperfections using color contrasts, warm and cold colors and color saturation.

Szkolenie - Colouring – level II
2 days

Colouring – level II

Psychological portrait analysis / Composing of colours

During this training, you will learn how hair coloring in the salon should look like to meet customer expectations and what to avoid in the colouring process.

Szkolenie - Colouring – level III
2 days

Colouring – level III

Style and personality in colouring

During this training you will learn the characteristics of a given fashion style. By matching the style to the customer's temperament, you will be able to create "tailor-made" color compositions that are in harmony with their image and personality.