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Tears of Angels collection trailer

New Beginning collection now available on our training platform!

Visit our educational platform to see the newest collection of the Babicz Academy, entitled New Beginning. NEW BEGINNING Hair: Babicz Academy Styling: Kamila Picz Artistic Interpretation: Marcin Andruszkiewiczdruszkiewicz Make-up: Agata Kalbarczyk, Emilia Noremberg. Choreo: Andrzej Starowiczr Starowicz Andy Choreo assistant: Kasia Nowakowska Film crew – Grzesiek Panek, Sylwia Śliwka, Nazar Nagirniak, Zbyszek Ratkiewicz, Grzegorz>>>

The collection Tears of Angels avaliable on our training platform

New – A New Release of a Perm Treatment – Curly Hair Cutting Techniques

Check out a new course on our offer “A New Release of a Perm Treatment – Curly Hair Cutting Techniques”. The goal during the course is to learn new techniques of a perm treatment, product application and hair care, as well as cutting and styling curly hair. The course is now available in the offer>>>

The New Beginning Collection

Check out the offer of the Babicz hairdressing store

We are glad to invite you to our website, where you will find professional hairdressing equipment tested by instructors of the Babicz Academy and stylists of the Babicz Salon. Professional equipment won’t do the work for you, but it will certainly make it much easier. 😉

Babicz Academy plays together with the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity 2021

We are convinced that there are many good-hearted people among us. Your smile and good energy always present during our sessions are priceless, for which we would like to say thank You. ❤️ We decided to start this year by taking part in the annual fundraiser of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity Foundation, and>>>